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A Completely Fresh Look for Our Catalogue!

18 March 2015


Changing the appearance of a counter-top catalogue might seem simple when all you see is the finished work. But it has been almost two years since we set out to re-design this key element at the very heart of our daily work. So, next time you visit one of our stores, you will find our all new tea catalogue!

The idea itself is quite simple: to provide our clientele with a list of our products which is ergonomic, easy to read and presents the relevant information for choosing one or more teas. Throughout the development process, many issues, concepts and possibilities have been brewing. Do we keep our existing classification or do we start again from scratch? Our “terroir” approach, so well established, would naturally remain the central theme through our direct sourcing from producers. We also wanted to find a classification system that would guide our clients through the ever-changing catalogue of unknown foreign names, to find a tea that best suited their tastes.

So here is a graphical overview of a page from the catalogue presenting our  selection of teas, still classified according to the six principal styles and their subcategories. Strengthening our focus on tasting and flavour profile.  Each section is now linked with one of the six dominant aromas and further classified according to three secondary notes. The teas are also divided according to three degrees of strength/intensity in the mouth, allowing us to further our research and to better target our adventurous clients!

pageIt was quite a task presenting all this flavour based information without burdening or confusing the reader. But we feel that we have developed a fresh and innovative presentation that is both practical and easy top use. To refine the overall appearance, we present only the price for 50g, and offer 5% discount on 100g up to 500g and 10% on 500g up to 1 kilo, and 20% discount on the kilo or more.

prixWe hope our new store catalogue will successfully present all this to our clients, your comments and suggestions will be a welcome part of the continual evolution…..

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