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Competition Teas – miXtea

6 November 2014


Many thanks to all who supported and followed the events of ‘miXtea 2014’ either on social media or in person at the events of Québec City and Montréal.  We trust it was as rewarding for you as it was for us to receive our guest producers and tasters from Taiwan.

Our friends have now returned to Taiwan, leaving us with great memories and a few spectacular teas!  During the conferences we discussed the famous Luku Competition. For many years we have been working on accessing these classic style Dong Dong teas for the catalogue.  This year we took things to another level and managed to aquire 3 different lots from the 2014 competition among the top teas of the 5800 entered.

The Dong Ding 3 Blossom: a mention for the top 20% of the teas entered.
The Dong Ding Premium Grade from the top 2% of the entries
The Dong Ding Premium Grade Special Mention #9 Of all the teas graded the top ten will be given this special mention and numbered 10 up to 1.  We are offering the ninth in this very exclusive rank.

To better explain the methodology and classification of the competition we have drawn up this graphic (only available in french).


There are two rounds of initial tasting. Those teas with an ‘A’ grading will pass to the second round of evaluation.  The teas will be re-evaluated 3 times before the judges  determine their classification.  For 14 days 35 judges will taste thousands of teas, averaging over 300 each day.

Finally we offer you the chance to taste some of these precious leaves…

In extra, here are a few pictures of the mite event…

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