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A perfect stranger

25 June 2014


12th trip to Taiwan. 12th visit to Allan’s noodles stand (the Taiwanese love those English names) in the centre of Luku village. But who is Allan?

In 2003, along with Jasmin, we were hunting down quality producers of Dong Ding, the famous wulong produced near Luku. At the end of a fruitless day, we decided relax at the noodle stand we had spotted earlier. After a few cold beers and a plate of noodles and shrimp, we gave business cards to the Chef Allan who had asked us what we were up to in this corner of Taiwan. On our cards, in Mandarin, were the words: Tea importer.

Just then a passer by stopped by to grab a portion of noodles. Allan exclaimed: “Hey this guy is a good producer of tea!” passing our card to him. Thus was the beginning of a lasting friendship with Chen Yu Nen, who has become a great friend over the years and a reliable source of Dong Ding and Shan Lin Xi.

So now, 12 years later, our favourite Taiwanese producer, Mr. Nen Yu and his friend, Mr. Lin, who runs the Luku tea competition, will be our guests next fall during our annual ‘miXtea’ event (details this summer). Meet them, discover their world and enjoy some exceptional teas.

Hugo et Allan

All because of a plate of noodles 12 years ago!


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