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Maple Tea Studio: A Simple Pairing

17 March 2019


A long time coming

Creating a 100% pure and authentic maple tea was a challenge we were definitely up for! Our starting point was clear: the taste of black tea with a hint of maple syrup. We had been toying with the idea of this tea for a few years but we were never quite able to get the results we wanted. The main reason was our insisting on a 100% natural tea without all the artificial flavours usually used.

Finding the perfect balance

Though a black tea base seemed to be the way to go, we eventually tried a green tea out of sheer curiosity. It was somewhat interesting, but not as good as black tea. Our next step was to find a black tea best paired with the rich flavours and aromas of maple. After quite a bit of research, we landed on our Indian black tea, from Coonoor. Its classical structured taste is malty yet sweet and perfectly complements the maple without overpowering it.

So we are proud to announce that the new maple Tea Studio blend is comprised of 50% Nilgiri Coonoor black tea, produced out of our own experimental factory in India and 50% from maple sugar crystals from the maple forest of St-Ferdinand in Quebec.

These blend perfectly with the tea, giving it a natural and delicious maple flavor. An agreement in simplicity, which brings out the dried fruit notes of tea and offers the right dose of sugar. The result: the true impression of having added a little maple syrup to the tea!

An original and unique tea

Blended at our Montreal warehouse we are proud to present a rich maple tea of such quality! We’re also happy to announce that it will be available year round so you will be to enjoy it plain or with a cloud of maple milk. If that piques your interest, simply brew your tea as you normally would and add a bit of hot foamed milk and maple syrup. Add a few maple sugar crystals on top if you’re feeling fancy! A rare delight!

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