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Bristol Chai is 1 year old!

13 May 2018


On May 14, 2017, Gabriel Svaldi, a loyal Camellia Sinensis team member since 2009, opened the first chai bar in Quebec, right in the heart of Montreal. It’s already been 1 full year since Bristol Chai‘s opening, a charming place where Montreal’s dynamism meets India’s warmth! We’re thrilled to pursue the adventure as we kick off the second year!

Retrospective of the last 12 months:

  • 16,000 chais and teas served
  • 11 chai workshops held at the bar
  • 10 committed employees, 3 of whom have been with us from the beginning
  • 6 corporate events hosted on site
  • 10 tastings at conferences and other events
  • 5 contests held on social networks

Did you know that…

  • Our most loyal customer has completed 10 loyalty cards, which represents an average of 1 chai every two days for 1 year …!
  • Our pastries are so popular that guests from the nearby café come and eat their treats here
  • Gabriel drinks on average 1L of chai per day, which represents 240L of chai since the opening … and several overdoses of caffeine!
  • Our 5 chai blends are sold in more than 75 points of sale in Quebec!

Looking forward to meet you there!


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