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Our team reveals its tips and tricks

23 July 2017

CS_Photo_Feuilles2The world of tea is exciting, diverse and surprising. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, there is always something new to discover. Everyone at Camellia Sinensis is a tea enthusiasts whether they are in the shop or the tea house, the warehouse or the central administration. Here are some of their tips and tricks to improve your tea experience.

Try going off the beaten track, with a family of tea less familiar, it is a great way to expand your palate. While some explorations may prove to be less to your personal taste, the exercise will help you discern new and subtle flavour aspects otherwise unknown to you. Best case: you could be pleasantly surprised and find a new favourite!

Here’s a way you can start: try our 15$ “all you can drink tea” promotion, available at our Montreal tea house. Our experts will guide you and help you to discover something new.

When buying a new tea or a tea that is a little more expensive, try to create the perfect occasion to savour it in a Gaiwan or Gong Fu Cha. Creating that moment will surely make it more memorable!

After this, try the same tea in more “regular” teapot setting – this will just surely change the overall taste experience but your knowledge of the tea will be installed.

Various tips

  • Pre-heat your teapot before an infusion. A great tip to make sure your water temperature is accurate and retain heat while you drink it.
  • Pour a first cup then pour it back into the teapot: this will allow the liquor to circulate and even out.
  • Try high-pouring your tea. This can help cool your tea by up to 10 degrees Celsius.
  • For teas that require rinsing, pre-heat the pot at the same time with the same water…It saves both water and time!
  • With Gaiwan, pour out a small quantity to taste directly. This will allow you to observe the evolution of the infusion
  • When trying to choose between a $20 or $200 Chawan, ask one of our experts how it should be held. Feeling the object will help you choose.
  • Moving around with tea usually means spills. Using a tea boat as a tray help retain any overflow or drips.
  • To protect those delicate tea leaves (green or white tea leaves), pour a very thin trickle of cold water on to them prior to infusion. This will prevent them from mild scalding and help towards a perfect infusion.

What are YOUR tips & tricks?

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