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6 June 2008

at 15:42 by Seb

It’s my pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to the new Camellia Sinensis Tea Taster’s Blog. We are very proud to introduce this new feature of our Web site, newly-revamped in honour of our tenth anniversary.

My name is Daniel and I’ve been working at Camellia Sinensis for almost four years now. My first tea encounter came a few years before starting at the tea house and it ignited a passion for these precious leaves that is still growing after all these years. Today, whether I’m preparing and serving a delicious brew at the tea salon or consulting customers on loose leaf teas and infusion tools at the store, my greatest joy comes from conveying my knowledge and enthusiasm to our customers. Thus, I am excited by the idea of introducing this new educational tool, ideal for discovering and sharing!

Presented in journal form, this blog will fill up over the coming weeks with posts about various subjects such as:

  • accounts of tea tastings, comparisons, and descriptions;
  • methods and advanced techniques for infusion and the appropriate tools;
  • tea basics (botany, cultivation, transformation, etc.);
  • history, geography, and travel stories;
  • presentation of new arrivals, news, events, and special announcements;
  • exclusive interviews with tea specialists;
  • videos and photos;
  • recipes and tips;
  • and much more…

Open to all, from experts or beginners, and whether or not you’re already a Camellia Sinensis customer, you can post comments about the articles, ask me questions, and make suggestions. It’s a living project that will grow with every visit…so check in regularly! In the meantime, I wish you many wonderful and inspiring cups of tea…See you soon!


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