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24 October 2013

at 13:00 by Seb


Generally we hear more of matcha than of tencha. The latter being simply the “raw” product, specifically manufactured to be ground into the  green tea powder called matcha.

During our last trip to Uji in Japan, we had the chance to taste various quality levels of Tencha. The best are free of stems and fibre. A pinch of the dry leaf simple melts deliciously in the mouth and instantly had us thinking of using it in the kitchen  …


On our return, we tested a few ideas and loved the results! Tencha is ideal as a condiment or finishing spice.  On a salmon fillet or coating a seared scallop before serving.  Replace basil leaves on slices of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with tencha leaves, sprinkle on a salad or even on a chocolate cake .. Let us know if you have any other ideas….

Discover tea differently!

New herbal teas!

11 October 2013

at 8:42 by Seb


Whereas with tea we must travel to mountains and countries overseas to meet our producers, it is with great pleasure that the process of tasting and selecting our herbal teas is done with producers and herbalists from Quebec! Just as with tea, we have made a careful approach to tasting in order to create different herbal mixtures with harmonious aromas and flavors. Originating, for the most part, from Quebec, the mixtures contain whole plants harvested by hand and dried in the traditional way, retaining all their aromatic oils and beneficial effects.

Divided into three groups, you will discover a world of new fragrances and of different plants such as verbena, agastache (=Giant Hyssop, Licorice Mint, or Lavender Hyssop), raspberry, nettle, wintergreen, hops, lavender, yarrow, and lemon balm as marvellous  accompaniments to your late evenings.

Happy explorations!

Artisan of nature, noble porcelain

2 October 2013

at 10:49 by Seb

Cabinet à thé1

Renaud Sauvé was born in Montreal. For a several years, with his family, he lived in Africa in Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville. He received his first initiation in turning clay at college, then a full-time course – 1990-1991 – at the Centre de Céramique Bonsecours in Montreal. Subsequently he worked with various Quebec potters. He studied philosophy at university, touched upon other professions and artistic media (painting, fresco, mosaic) and travelled several continents as a stagehand for Cirque du Soleil. In 2008, he finally established his own workshop in Ireland, a small municipality in the Bois-Francs, and there began production of turned porcelain pieces. Each piece is turned and decorated by hand before being baked in an oven.

His ceramic work is nourished by life inasmuch as it is elemental: “My sources of inspiration are many. Certainly nature is  principal. The simple act of living in the forest, open and receptive to what is going on. I’m trying to reconcile what I see and what I feel, as a slow way towards a calm and quiet life. I seek to develop a sense of transposing designs from nature or from my domestic environment. I conceive my work as a dialogue with nature and also a dialogue with the history of ceramics and porcelain in particular. ”


Renaud Sauvé is inspired by the Asiatic ceramics of China, Japan and Korea, where  porcelain originated. To his mind, the pieces that come from these countries have reached such a level of sophistication, sincerity and authenticity that anyone who wants to work with porcelain cannot ignore this tradition. He also appreciates the rich decorations of  Persian and Islamic ceramics.

His pieces are sold in some speciality boutiques in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.


Meet the Quebec artisans who are passionate about the objets and art of tea. Every two months, pieces by a different designer will be presented in this unique showcase, giving you the chance to enjoy the great quality and diversity of the work of some of our local potters.


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Welcome to the Special Collection
Here you will both find Teaware and Teas created by some of Asia’s most talented craftsmen.