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Peter Ting Tasting Set

22 December 2013

at 10:42 by Seb


Peter Ting is a London based designer, famous for his award-winning work in the world of luxury ceramics.

Much of his work is in fine porcelain for the collectors market. Currently the Creative Director for LEGLE, Limoges in France his vast portfolio of work from the last 20 years includes work for Royal Crown Derby and Asprey among many others, and state gifts for Queen Elizabeth and The Prince of Wales.  His work can be found in many museum catalogues including Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK, and Museum of Art and Design, New York USA.
In 2012 Ting launched a set of 3 tea tasting cups.  The varied shapes of the three pieces highlight the importance of cup shape, playing with the subtle dynamics of liquor delivery to the mouth, the channeling of aromatic vapors and heat retention.  Thus the same tea tasted in the 3 different cups will give a different sensorial experience.

londonWhen I met Peter, he presented me with the same tea in the 3 different cups.  As a taster I naturally slipped into analysis mode and slurped but he told me ‘sip don’t slurp’.  The cup should do the work.

The ‘Fragrant’ cup:

The tulip form of this cup both encourages heat retention and channels the resulting evaporation of fragrant vapors directly to the nose.  Ideal for the enjoyment of an aromatic bouquet.

The ‘Black’ cup:

This cup, not to be restricted to black tea, has deep vertical sides and slightly curved bottom. The wide top allows access to more subtle bouquets, while the straight sides deliver a full mouth for the full-bodied experience.

The ‘Green’ cup:

This cup also has a larger surface area for light bouquet but the liquor transfer from the curved lip enhances texture and controls mouth placement for the enjoyment of more subtly layered flavor profiles of any style of tea.

Personally I find the most rewarding use of the Ting Tasting Kit is to use the same tea in each of the cups to explore different aspects of the same flavor profile.

In Canada The Ting Tasting Set is exclusive to Camellia Sinensis.

Simple forms for Simple Living

15 December 2013

at 7:07 by Seb


Makiko Hicher Nakamura was born in Hokkaido Japan. She lived for many years in France before settling in Quebec in 2011. When asked how she became a potter, she replied. “Quite by chance!  I saw a course advertised for a ceramics workshop gave it a try and loved it. I immediately thought:  this is for me.”

She creates delicate work while retaining the essence of the material, leaving room for intuition and spontaneity in the design ”I let my hands work and I clear my head. Turning puts me into a trance.”

nakamura crop

She prefers making cups and bowls. For her, teaware is more demanding than other table pottery. During production, she is more aware that they are utensils dedicated to a very specific purpose: “I learn by simply drinking tea, I analyze why pieces are good or not. I practice the tea ceremony a little to better understand their use.”

And of the Japanese influence? “I have used  Japanese pottery since I was little. It is my tradition and custom. However, this is not to say that I make Japanese pottery.”

Makiko loves simplicity, the joy of daily life. She loves cups that hold well in the hand (she does not like mugs). Most of all, she loves to imagine that people enjoy their tea (or coffee) in the teaware she produces.


Meet the Quebec artisans who are passionate about the objets and art of tea. Every two months, pieces by a different designer will be presented in this unique showcase, giving you the chance to enjoy the great quality and diversity of the work of some of our local potters.

FENG PINE : Creating a tea based cocktail

4 December 2013

at 9:39 by Seb


For several years we have been exploring the surprising compatibility of different teas with whisky. In these pairings we usually taste the two products separately, With mixology however we blend the various ingredients and their respective flavour profiles in to the same beverage. Following a course of mixology with our friends at Ateliers & Saveurs in 2012, we created a recipe for a winter cocktail to celebrate the holiday season.

We asked Simon Faucher, known as ‘LeRoux’, a sommellier and modern mixologist  at St Amour to create this recipe that enhanced the taste of the tea and all the other ingredients. Simon chose tea as the base of the cocktail and whisky as the alcohol, ideal to please both your tea-loving aunt and  whisky-loving uncle!



1 ½ oz / 45 ml        Glenfiddich

½ tspn                  Spruce Tips Jelly

1/3 oz  / 10 ml        Lemon juice

7 oz / 200ml         Feng Huang Hong Cha Tea


Mix all ingredients together in a shaker.


Fir branch


Mix all ingredients together and serve with a fir branch as decoration


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