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Festive favourites!

17 December 2014

at 14:18 by Seb


Once again it’s that season of the year, the calm winter silence rubs shoulders with the festive holiday rush. A perfect opportunity to suggest a few favourite teas for family and friends. It could be for an ‘gastronomical pairing’, to warm up and relax, or to take a moment to savour the delectable aromas of a premium tea.  All these teas have potential for sharing a memorable tea.

Here are some of our current inspirations, teas that a few of my colleagues have chosen for their cozy mornings or to enhance their evenings!

Many opted for black Wulong from China, the new arrivals, with toasted aromas, woody and fruity, offering both comfort and warmth. Qi Lan Wuyi, Rou Gui and Bai Rui Xiang respectively for Catherine Emma and Alexis François, Jacinthe and Emilie. François will be serving his many guests tasty Gaba Cha from Taiwan, still  on the more oxidized Wulong theme.

Following the visit from the three Taiwanese producers for our miXthé event, Hugo rediscovered cooked Dong Ding, with its rich and balanced liquors. This 10 day symbiotic meeting allowed him to refine his understanding for this type of taste so much that he has almost become addicted! It is the tea of M.Nen Yu which will be his faithful companion for holidays.

Others, like me, prefer the Pu Ers for their digestive properties and the general well-being they provide. Their soft, warm depths are ideal to accompany multiple and copious meals! Pu Er Hong He Zhou 1995 and 1999 old tea tree will be Josiane’s allies, while for me it is Pu Er 1992 Menghai Hou Gen.

More classic, but no less delicious, is the Darjeeling Gopaldhara autumnal, recently arrived and seduced Vincent. Kate opts for the strong effect of Masala Chai Green spices to enhance the day during this joyous period.

Kevin has quite a stash ready for the hols, Wuyis, Pu ers and succulent Darjeelings with a Solomon’s choice of 4 he would go for Bai Rui Xiang-Pu er Lahu 1000 ans-Darjeeling Jungpana (3 seasons-is that cheating?) and Pu er Menghai Hou Gen.

To serve, as gifts, or simply to enjoy by the fireside, I’m curious to know which tea you would choose to flavour your afternoon. Who knows, maybe your Christmas tea suggestions will inspire others! I also want to wish you a beautiful festive season, rich in joy, love and sharing and successful infusions.


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