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A Solid Wintertime Favourite: Feng Huang Gou Tou

5 February 2015

at 9:14 by Seb


What better than the leaves of a venerable and majestic single tree more than 200 years old, named Dog Head (Gou Tou), to create a moment to remember! The delicate twists of this Guangdong wulong found their way into one of my Yixing teapots before being thoroughly rinsed to  prepare  them to release their full potential.

The fragrance released is rich and intoxicating, living up to the promise of a tea of this quality, and fills the air with potent notes of white flowers and exotic fruits. In the mouth, a sublime experience, enhanced by those special qualities we seek when tasting a great tea. The attack is vibrant, emphatically announcing the unique character of this complex and refined tea. The liquor is dense and combines different flavors, harmoniously balanced: not too bitter or acidic, profoundly mineral and deftly sweetened up by sweet, honeyed accents, resulting from a fine-tuned and careful oxidation and roasting. Accents of green vegetables and bark combine gracefully more ethereal nuances evocative of Lily of the valley, gooseberry and citrus.

Impressed by the evolution of all these sensations, the full and generous finish reminds me that a full tasting involves the whole body, experiencing the effects of tea beyond those provided for the nose and mouth. I take a few moments of contemplation, present centred, and let myself be lulled by this delightful interior caress, memorable, and in resonance with my need for light and heat!



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