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Sharing the Festive Spirit

16 December 2015

at 11:24 by Seb


The countdown has begun, and as a tribute to the calendar, every day this month I will select a different Pu Er to taste to mark the days passing …… This is the time of year that I review our Pu Er menu in fine detail, along with those quietly ageing in my personal reserve.

So, in just a few sentences, I would like to introduce you to three of the teas that will be part of my Holiday selection.

DSC_0016For early solo tasting on a quiet morning: This is the ideal time to get out my favourite teaware and prepare an ‘awakening’ tea for daybreak. Using an elegant modern yixing teapot to infuse Pu Er 2000 Yellow label I find it enhanced and rounded since it arrived, just as intended. Complex and deep, this Grand Cru will provide a long, invigorating and flavourful impression in the mouth. In order to enjoy the ‘focus of an emperor’, I highly rate this celadon bowl, simple, refined and reflecting the meticulous expertise of  Mr. Yen, renowned craftsman, both in China and internationally. The choice of cup is very important for me – being such an intimate element in our contact with the liquor. This precious cup focusses my full attention through its form and also the emotional value I give it. More functionally, it also enables access to the liquor at an ideal temperature, sending it delicately across the tongue.

A large volume tea for a hearty meal: a classic holiday situation – with so much good food to share. In place of drinking water, I always take the opportunity to test the effectiveness of a good Pu Er, which I infuse freely in a large teapot, to suit the servings. One tea that is sure to be hit this year is our new Pu Er 2003 Orange label, a soft, well balanced, shou Pu Er. Easy to prepare, unlikely to go wrong, and its bodily feel has captivated me already! I can only look forward to further explorations of its depths.

The Great Red Robe of the Emperor: For my traditional holiday feasts I will have a few grams of Da Hong Pao on hand. This fresh arrival  is one of the best examples we have had in recent years. So versatile and generous, I love to explore the aromatic intensity of an wulong of this quality, and the experience is generally impressive. I will also stash a reserve of this one to enjoy it again next year – when it may be even better.

Suggestions aside, this is the season for sharing good times in good company.  Worldwide tea is a symbol of hospitality.   Quality leaf is a sensual delight for any confirmed epicurean.  Health benefits aside our favourite brew will help digest the feast and prolong your festive evenings well beyond the midnight countdown.

Comments or other ideas ? all welcome ….



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