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Aged Teas, in the Cellar : Changing with Time

8 February 2016

at 10:00 by Seb


Since we set up our cellar in 2007 with our early Pu Er teas, I am always fascinated to taste the effect of time on the teas. Some teas in the cellar are available in the catalogue, while others have been removed to allow them a few years to improve.

It’s time to release a few of these teas for you to enjoy. The Xiangming 2006, a purchase made during my first trip to Yiwu, the 2007 Lincang which was our first galette from this prefecture of Yunnan and the Mengsong 2009, among the first cakes pressed ourselves with tea we selected as Maocha in the villages.

There are also some teas that we sold quickly back in 2007. We had put certain quantities on reserve to offer them to be released a few years later…… So longterm clients will be excited to hear that limited quantities of Pu Er 1997-A and Pu Er 1987 Fu Zi Zhuan will be available once again!

DSC_0037It is a pleasure to open cellar door and offer you five teas that have improved with age. Just in time for the Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey.

Though producers in Yunnan usually sell their entire annual production, the Cantonese merchants will conserve their teas for decades in order to sell them later. As the teas improve with each passing year, prices increase, traditionally the prices change at Chinese New Year.

We also follow this tradition, and while in the Chinese market certain rare teas, and those in demand, sometimes rise by more than 50% in a year, we envision an increase around 15-20%. Clients interested in taking advantage of the 2015 price for your favorite Pu er have a week longer than our Chinese friends.  Camellia Sinensis apply their increased prices on February 15.  So pass by a store or order on the web before the 2016 prices come into force.

Happy Year of the Monkey!



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