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François’ top 3 for 2016. Discover his favourites.

22 September 2016

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Specialist in the Artisanal Classic Green Teas of China, François spends every Spring in the central provinces of China selecting rare batches of Green Tea and the aged teas of Liu Bao. Despite being a great lover of Chinese gastronomy he has been seen fleeing when presented with plate of extra aged tofu. Here are his picks for Spring 2016:

1. A dynamic producer: M. Wang in Wei Shan.

“Was I in for a surprise during my yearly visit in Wei Shan, located in the Hunan province. M. Wang who’s been supplying us with Wei Shan Mao Jian for many years, was about to treat me to two new products. As he has been reinstating the ancient tradition of yellow tea, he introduced me to the Wei Shan Huang Cha. Afterwards, I discovered a green tea that stems from an ancient tea tree that I simply adored: the Wei Shan Lao Cong. The best part: they’re 100% organic.”

DSC_0007 (2)

2. The Jingdezhen porcelain painter: Ye Juan

“I remember falling in love with Ye Juan’s work just over three years ago. I was handpicking a selection of teacups and upon learning that every single one of them was a confection of hers; I felt I had to meet this artist. What was the ultimate demonstration of the unique mastery of her talent? When she painted a teapot in front of us.”


3. Forever M.Ye

The only way to get to M. Ye’s gardens is by boat; to say that visiting them feels like a gift is an understatement. Nowadays, we’re proud to call him a friend of ours and we’re so pleased to have received his newest tea: the Taiping Hou Kui Lao Cong. Its texture and its finesse are unparalleled as it comes from tea tree that only grows on a mountain surrounding his gardens. As such, only 5KG are produced.



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