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Team Portrait: Vincent Moreau

4 September 2017

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Here at Camellia Sinensis, the one thing more important than the quality of our tea is the people that make it all happen. This month, we’d like to  you to meet Vincent Moreau.

How did you end up working with the company?

I arrived at Camellia Sinensis from my native France as an intern six years ago to do tea market studies. The connection with the team was instant: all real tea enthusiasts! It was like paradise: daily tea tastings to this day!

What is your role in the team?

Over time, I took on different responsibilities within the company. Being of a very social nature, sharing tea is important for me so consulting in the two Montreal stores was a perfect way to continue. I still continue this and am now also responsible for the ‘ESC – Tea at Work’ program where we distribute a specially designed line of tea and teaware for offices and workspaces.  I give regular workshops at the tea school, tastings and events on the road.

Your favorite tea is …

I always had a soft spot for the Gaba Cha, with its woody and spicy notes (cinnamon), as well as for Nadashiko, a Japanese black tea with truly unique character. In general, my tastes tend to gravitate towards Darjeelings and Pu Er. Having said that, over time I have come to realize that the beauty of tea is to choose a tea that fits the feeling, climate and mood. Try it, listen to what tea your body wants to drink.

What was your most recent discovery?

To be honest, tasting the seasonal teas from all corners of our selection and observing the nuances from one harvest to the other, plus feeling the evolution of a tea over the months is a constant discovery … For example, one of my favourite Pu Er has recently developed a rocky and mineral finish that was to subtle to distinguish before. Even if though Shou Pu Er has a slow evolution compared to that of Pu Er Sheng, these are the beautiful subtleties I love to discover.


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