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28 Days Sober : delicious alternatives!

30 January 2018

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The Jean Lapointe Foundation are organizing the ‘28 Days Sober‘ for the month of February and the Camellia Sinensis team are taking the challenge. Aside from not drinking alcohol for the month, participants pledge to raise funds for awareness and action against teenage substance abuse.

Camellia Sinensis will donate $ 1 for every 50g of Shui Xian Lao Cong sold during the month of February.

Too encourage solidarity for those joining us, we have compiled a selection of alternative and delicious beverages to enhance your more festive evenings this month. Cheers!


Wuyi Sunrise

3 oz Shui Xian Lao Cong iced *
1 oz fresh pressed clementine juice
1-2 oz soda water (to increase the volume)
A splash of Grenadine syrup

Labrador Cobbler by Patrice Plante (without alcohol)

90 ml (3 oz.) Cold infused Labrador tea
7 ml (0.24 oz) agave syrup
15 ml (0.5 oz) of lemon juice
Crushed ice
30 ml (1 oz) of sparkling water
Small fruits or seasonal herbs (for decoration)

 Feng Pine by Simon Faucher

1/2 tsp commercial pine tree jelly
2 tsp lemon juice
200 ml (7 oz) of Feng Huang Hong Cha  tea (or another fruity Chinese black tea, hot)
Pine tree branch (for garnish) (optional)


Gourmet Pairings

Shui Xian Lao Cong + ‘Alfred Le Fermier’ cheese

In a normal (hot) infusion, Shui Xian Lao Cong is absolutely divine with ‘Alfred Le Fermier‘ cheese, a pressed Quebec cheese of raw cow’s milk. To savour this pairing, we suggest to first to taste the tea before taking a small bite of the cheese (brought to room temperature). With the cheese still in mouth, take another sip of warm tea. This will melt the cheese, bring out its creamy side and its slightly fruity notes. Delightful!

Shui Xian Lao Cong + Valrhona Manjari 64%

Prepare a regular teapot infusion and pair with Valrhona Manjari black chocolate 64% for a sublime combination. Tasting follows the same order: first a sip of tea, then a square of chocolate followed by a second sip that will melt the chocolate and unfold the fruity notes of Shui Xian Lao Cong and Valrhona Manjari. Delectable!


Originally from Asia, Kombucha is more than 2000 years old – but recently, its popularity increased in the West. This beverage made from fermented tea is an excellent alternative to alcoholic beverages. We now offer Lao Kombucha (made with our teas!) on draft or in bottles at our Émery and Québec stores!


Spotlight on infusions!

16 January 2018

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Did you know that infusions are an easy way to take advantage of phytotherapy? They are also delicious at any time of day or night and in any season.

As with our teas, we use a lengthy tasting and selection process to blend a variety of plants with complimentary flavours and aromas. Unlike our tea selection, we have the luxury of selecting our tisanes, right here, in Canada from local producers. Most of these esteemed herbalists are located across ‘La Belle Province’ and their hand picked plants are dried according to tradition to preserve the essential oils and benefits.


Check out our wide selection of infusions and learn about their many benefits for the body and soul.

Although there are always many reasons to chose a herbal tea, here are some of the most recommended uses for the most common of aches and pains:

To sleep better

À la tombée du jour : a mixture of lemon balm, orange, linden and chamomile

La Bergère : with its sweet taste of oats is perfect for the evening.

Thé du Labrador : known for its calming influence.

To fight a virus

L’Ange-Gardienne : The essential oils contained in thyme, fir and goldenrod defend the body against bacteria and viruses.

La Boréale : an outstanding tonic for digestion and all conditions which cause mucus (colds, flu, cystitis, etc.).

Le Tulsi d’hiver : A herbal adaptogen which allows the body and the immune system to adapt to seasonal change or the effects of stress.

Wild Taïga : Harvested in the heart of our beautiful forests, the plants composing this herbal tea will sharpen your taste buds while also acting as a flu breaker, an anti-inflammatory medicine and a powerful release for the respiratory tract.

To be productive at work

L’Apaisante : The synergy of the four plants also creates a calming effect on the nervous system.

Sunburst : A great tisane composed of lemon basil, rose, raspberry cane, fir and mint for staying focussed at work.

To help your nervous system

La Provençale : this infusion is recommended for all types of cramps, whether abdominal or menstrual.

La Rose Pourpre : this mixture is beneficial for the female reproductive system, as it can prevent menstrual discomfort and help regulate the menstrual cycle.

To help digest

La Réconfortante : With essential oils of lemon verbena and yarrow, this tea helps digestion after a heavy  meal and a few drinks.

La Sublime : Thanks to the essential oils in these plants, the digestive system can find deep relief from cramps, bloating and gas.

Le Secret du bonheur : This aromatic and aniseed mixture enables  relaxation, calms intestinal spasms and promotes good digestion.

Discover the many other properties of our herbal infusions:

Thé du Labrador : insomnia, cold, anxiety, liver.

Thé des bois : anti-inflammatory, joints, muscle, anti-fever.

Rose Pourpre : reproductive system, nervous system, digestion.

L’Apaisante : stress, insomnia, digestion.

La Réconfortante : calming, skin, cold, digestion.

La Tulsi d’hiver : immune system, colds, digestion

L’Ange Gardienne : cold, immunity, respiratory system, antiseptic.

La Bergère : nervous system, soothing, stomach.

La Tombée du jour : anti-stress, sleep, digestion, bloating.

La Boréale : reproductive system, anti-pain, mucus, inflammation.

La Sublime : digestion, cramps, relaxing.

La Provençale : crampe, inflammation, fever, nervous system.

Le Secret du bonheur : urinary system, intestinal spasms, digestion.

L’Éclatante : digestion, nausea, inflammation.

Sunburst : nervous system, concentration

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Team Portrait: Kevin Gascoyne, Tea Taster

2 January 2018

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Here at Camellia Sinensis we not only value the quality of our teas but also the quality of our team. How well do you know our four expert tasters ?
This month we’d like to introduce Kevin Gascoyne, co-owner of Camellia Sinensis since 2004.

How does your story with Camellia Sinensis begin?

Being the old man around here, I had another tea life and company before joining Camellia. I had been asked to be a guest on some local TV show and they were looking for another guest that was running a tea house. So I offered to go down and check out this new place that had just opened. On arrival I discovered 3 very cool guys running the most bohemian, eclectic and exciting little tea room I had ever seen. They were passionately into to both tea and having a good time, so we rapidly became good friends.
What is your role in the Camellia team?

Aside from tasting, sourcing and buying since 1993, I try my best to deal with Human Resources here in Montreal, staff training, public relations, our international projects and conferencing. I also love shopkeeping so I hop behind the counter to chat with the clients whenever I can.
Your tea highlight of the year?…

The Darjeeling Singell DJ 19 is probably my favourite tea this year. An exquisite example of the original Chinese seeds planted in the Himalayan terroir back in the 1860’s. That magic combination that gave the region its reputation all those years ago.
Do you have a recent discovery ?

Not known for my love of green teas I am really enjoying rediscovering this year’s spectacular Anji Bai Cha.

What are you best known for at Camellia?

Probably my obsessive enthusiasm for tea, my terrible dad jokes and for drinking large quantities the profits.


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