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Iced Tea Epiphany

13 July 2016

at 14:43 by Seb


With the hot season in full swing and more hot days yet to come, this is the ideal time to rediscover your favorite teas in their iced tea version.

Whether you use a mixture already prepared or benefit from emptying your collection of bags of tea and adding fruits and spices, the procedure is simple. Just add cold water to your preparation at a dosage you would use for a hot infused tea, and allow it to infuse for 6 am to 12 hours in the refrigerator, then filter before tasting! Prepared the evening, it will be ready the next morning to satisfy both your thirst and that of your guests.

It is also an opportunity to experiment with new recipes or simply to prepare a natural iced tea, as we do every day in our shops, in order to give you the opportunity to taste our latest creations. While some of my colleagues daringly mix Darjeeling with green tea, or even Pu Er and Wulong, I am a little more  conservative and prefer to use a single tea in order to fully appreciate its potential. In this way I have  rediscovered a family which I sometimes forget to enjoy, that of white teas. My revelation was immediate and sublime when I tasted the sweet nectar obtained from a white tea from one of my favorite producers, Jingning Yin Zhen! Purity, lightness, delicacy and refreshing were my words. My feelings are still vivid and though I want to share my discovery with you I also hope to inspire you to vary your infusions.

Be daring, and let me know of your discoveries! I’m interested in your best recipes or simply your special favorites.

Wishing you a good summer!


Hugo’s Pick’s for 2015

25 September 2015

at 16:49 by Seb


As a taster I specialize in two countries so I get to indulge in a double selection of my highlights, one trio for Taiwan another for Japan!


Jin Shuan

A much appreciated Taiwanese cultivar.  This ‘everyday’ tea is very generous and appealing to any fan of teas with full floral bouquets.

Bai Hao Mr. Xu – Limited Edition

I sometimes wonder which is my single favourite tea? Too difficult to choose just one, but Bai Hao is definitely in my top 5! I especially like the balance on the palate and pleasant stimulating effect the body without the cardio excitement. It is increasingly difficult to buy with so many Chinese enthusiasts in the market for it.  Fortunately our relationship of over 10 years with Mr. Xu gives us access to this small exceptional lot.

Dong Ding from the Luku competition

Our access to these teas is unique in North America. An unmissable opportunity!  A little prior knowledge of the world of Competition Wulongs helps us appreciate the depths of the ‘Dong Ding # 9 Special Mention’ and the ‘Dong Ding 1st Class’. Both offer excellent examples of ‘completeness’, harmony and enrich the body with an enveloping glow.



Sencha Koshun Organic

The Koshun cultivar is currently very popular in Japan on infusion it offers a floral finish of cherry blossoms. This tea is from our friends at the Isagawa cooperative, providing us, for the first time in several years, with a very commendable Sencha Koshun!


Undoubtedly of great value for ‘throat refreshment’. A “thirst quenching” tea, which, in its 2015 version, offers a generous liquor. Often less known than sencha, kukicha is never to be underestimate.

Gyokuro Okabe

Most gyokuros from the Shizuoka plantations have a profile that tends towards sencha … For the simple reason that they use the Yabukita cultivar and its shade is not always that thorough. But not this time! This gyokuro – Okabe – is a pure delight, 100% Saemidori cultivar, well shaded and treated with care.



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