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Travelling Conferences and Workshops

Our conferences and workshops on the road lend themselves to a variety of contexts. Whether for meetings, cultural or tasting events or even just for a friendly gathering we will be happy to travel to a location of your choice with our expert staff, equipment and delicious teas.

Many themes are available to fit your needs: the most popular for beginners is "Discover the World of Tea", others include Japan and Green Tea’, or maybe even a gourmet pairing of tea and chocolate .... and many more!

Tailored to your requirements, these presentations address the many questions that people have about tea and improve awareness of its health benefits.

Through videos and slideshows our passionate staff invite you to share some of our many travels to the tea producing countries they visit every year. The accompanying tastings all intensifying the experience.

Contact us for more details.

special collection

Welcome to the Special Collection
Here you will both find Teaware and Teas created by some of Asia’s most talented craftsmen.


special collection

This article is part of our Collection Series where you can find rare teas and teaware from some of Asia’s great craftsmen.


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