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It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our all new website! A new space for us  to share our travels, experiences and introduce some of our personal favourites from the World of Tea. To help you explore this it site is divided into three simple sections.

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Here you find our collection of teas and teaware, classified by style or category. Each item has: description, price and product photos, many also have photos of the craftsman and the place of production. The new section called 'Collection' features a selection of unique ojects and teas, from the greatest artisans of Asia.

Whether you sign in as a guest or through your personal account (which stores your purchase history and personal tasting notebook), you can complete an order quickly and safely in a few simple steps.

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For more information on our services, locations and our approach.  You can also check out our weekly publications and a large selection of information here.

Tea School

This section presents the schedule of tea workshops, ceremonies and tastings offered by our Tea Schools of Montreal and Quebec City. You will also find our laboratory studies on Tea and Health and other information on preparation and infusion techniques.

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special collection

This article is part of our Collection Series where you can find rare teas and teaware from some of Asia’s great craftsmen.


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