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Matcha Sendo


This Matcha has an aroma of berries and dark chocolate. On the palate, you’ll be seduced by the rich and full texture, and the surprising notes of Jerusalem artichokes.


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Matcha Preparation

Matcha is a very finely ground powdered green tea. It is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony Chanoyu. Here we present a simple way to enjoy this tea at home.

To prepare a good matcha, it is necessary to follow some simple but very specific steps. Firstly, take the box of matcha out of the refrigerator half an hour before preparing for it to adjust. Sift the desired amount of matcha. To do this, use a teaspoon to 'press' the matcha through a small sieve such as an infuser or flour sifter. The sieving of the matcha makes the foam smoother and prevents the formation of lumps.

Reheat your chawan (bowl), empty the water and wipe dry. Put a level teaspoon of sieved tea into the bowl, or two chashaku (matcha spoonfuls). Rinse your chasen (tea whisk) in hot water to soften its strands.

Pour 65 ml of water at 75 ° C onto the tea. Matcha is drunk in 3 to 5 sips only.

Once you've poured the water, begin to whisk vigorously. Whisk first in the bottom of the bowl, taking care not to crush the strands of the whisk. When the foam begins to form, lift the whisk gently to the surface of tea while continuing to whisk to break up any large bubbles.

The tea is served. Traditonally matcha is accompanied with small a sweet treat. Return the unused matcha to the refrigerator. The tea should keep fresh for at least six months.

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