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Tea Club

What happens at Tea Club...stays at Tea Club! An evening of sharing tea and talk in a...

Prochaine date : 30 August 2018

The Discovery of Tea (IN FRENCH)

One plant, six styles, five thousand years of history. From its origins to the present day,...

Prochaine date : 25 August 2018

The Discovery of Tea (IN ENGLISH)

One plant, six styles, five thousand years of history. From its origins to the present day,...

Prochaine date : 10 November 2018

China - L'origine de tous les thés (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Le thé en Chine est synonyme de grande diversité, comme toutes les grandes...

Prochaine date : 13 October 2018

Les Pu Er et thés vieillis, rares et précieux (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Remontez à l’origine du thé avec cet atelier sur les thés vieillis....

Prochaine date : 27 October 2018

Japon - Les thés verts, du Sencha au Matcha (ONLY IN FRENCH)

À la fois traditionnelle et moderne, la culture du thé au Japon se démarque...

Prochaine date : 6 October 2018

Taiwan - L'île des wulong de hautes montagnes (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Benefiting from an ideal terroir for producing exceptional teas, Taiwan is an island of one...

Prochaine date : 13 October 2018

India - Darjeeling et thés noirs (ONLY IN FRENCH)

L’engouement pour les thés de Darjeeling est un phénomène sans...

Prochaine date : 14 October 2018

Tea and Scotch, the Meeting of Two Traditions (ONLY IN FRENCH)

The marriage between scotch and tea tasting may seem surprising. However, many similarities...

Prochaine date : 28 September 2018

Teas and Chocolate, Gourmet Combinations (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Epicureans will be delighted by this workshop associating tea and chocolate. Enjoy a captivating...

Prochaine date : 20 September 2018

Fromages et thés, à la croisée des terroirs (only in french)

Venez parcourir les terroirs du monde sur cette route de saveurs. Cet atelier vous propose un...

Prochaine date : 4 October 2018

Survol thé : workshop for the 7 - 11 years-old (only in french)

Les apprentis dégustateurs de thé seront enchantés par Survol...

Prochaine date : Dates not available at this time.


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This article is part of our Collection Series where you can find rare teas and teaware from some of Asia’s great craftsmen.


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