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The Discovery of Tea (IN FRENCH)

One plant, six styles, five thousand years of history. From its origins to the present day,...

Prochaine date : 2 June 2016

The Discovery of Tea (IN ENGLISH)

One plant, six styles, five thousand years of history. From its origins to the present day,...

Prochaine date : 29 October 2016

Survol thé : workshop for the 7 - 11 years-old (only in french)

Les apprentis dégustateurs de thé seront enchantés par Survol...

Prochaine date : 15 October 2016

China - Green and White Teas, Traditional and Experimental (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Amidst the thousands of varieties of Chinese green teas, some are produced with 'ancestral'...

Prochaine date : 16 October 2016

China - The Delicacy of Wulong and Black Teas (ONLY IN FRENCH)

In Guangdong province, teas are made from leaves of a single tea tree. In Anxi the famous Tie...

Prochaine date : 20 October 2016

Chine - Le potentiel de vieillissement unique des thés Pu Er, Liu Bao et Liu An (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Revisit the origin with this workshop on aged tea. Discover historical aspects, the...

Prochaine date : 26 November 2016

China - Rare and Precious Vintage Teas (1960-1990) (ONLY IN FRENCH)

As with wine, some teas improve with time. It can take thirty years for a cake of Pu Er to reach...

Prochaine date : 22 October 2016

Japan - Green Tea Culture and the Art of Living (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Both traditional and modern tea culture in Japan is characterized by a mix of aesthetic and...

Prochaine date : 8 October 2016

Japan - Matcha, Origin and Preparation (ONLY IN FRENCH)

In Japan, the preparation of powdered tea has evolved following a spiritual ideal known as Chado...

Prochaine date : 8 October 2016


Benefiting from an ideal terroir for producing exceptional teas, Taiwan is an island of one...

Prochaine date : 15 October 2016

India - Black Tea, the Drink that Conquered the World (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Introductory Workshop. The European taste for black teas caused numerous wars and...

Prochaine date : 12 November 2016

India - Darjeeling Tea, Champagne of the Himalayas (ONLY IN FRENCH)

The craze for Darjeeling teas is an unprecedented phenomenon in the world of tea. This workshop...

Prochaine date : 12 November 2016

Tea and Scotch, the Meeting of Two Traditions (ONLY IN FRENCH)

The marriage between scotch and tea tasting may seem surprising. However, many similarities...

Prochaine date : 7 October 2016

Teas and Chocolate, Gourmet Combinations (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Epicureans will be delighted by this workshop associating tea and chocolate. Enjoy a captivating...

Prochaine date : 1 October 2016

The World’s Great Classic Teas (only in french)

What makes a Classic Tea?  What are the elements of an exceptional cup? How can we...

Prochaine date : 11 June 2016

The Diverse World of Sencha and Temomicha (FRENCH)

Sencha is Japan’s most popular style of tea.  A tea with a surprisingly diverse...

Prochaine date : 30 October 2016

Fromages et thés, à la croisée des terroirs (only in french)

Venez parcourir les terroirs du monde sur cette route de saveurs. Cet atelier vous propose un...

Prochaine date : 22 September 2016

Ceramic Teaware and Taste (only in french)

Why choose stoneware over porcelain? How can a teapot enhance the flavour of a tea? Teaware is a...

Prochaine date : 22 October 2016


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