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200 $20 HRS

Cha No Yu Courses (ONLY IN FRENCH)

Course in the Japanese Tea Ceremony: ChaNoYu

The first session consists of 10 two hours courses.
-Initiation to the Way of Tea.
-Learn the basic movements and gestures (greetings, steps, manipulation
of the various accessories, etc.).
-A complete study of a procedure that each student will be able to perform by the end of the session.

The procedure studied is called: Ryakubon Temae  (Tray ceremony).

A free information session for about one hour will take place in Montreal on February 12th 2018 at 6h30pm.

For more information and to subscribe, please contact Richard Chapdelaine

TEACHER: Richard Chapdelaine has studied and practiced for over 20 years at the Urasenke School of Montréal with Kagemori Sensei.

Teaching is based on the four concepts of the Way of Tea: Harmony, Respect, Purity and Peace.



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