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Grand cru: Wei Shan Huang Cha

A rare Yellow tea to discover


Black Tea Crème Brûlée

Here is a great recipe for crème brûlée infused with a black tea from the Tea Studio, the Nilgiri Coonoor. Simple to prepare, a sweet delight!

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Purion Collection

A blend of clay and minerals, purion enhances your infusions


Producer of the moment

Mr. Chang is the man behind the very popular Dong Ding Chang offered at a special price.

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Moulin Rouge


Rooibos Lune Rouge Organic

Li Shan

Tea Studio | Nilgiri Mao Feng

Chawan | Cho

Guei Fei

Yerba Mate Organic

Dong Ding Ms. Lin (roasted)

Matcha Uji

Mucha Tie Guan Yin (roasted)

Mucha Tie Guan Yin 1996

Nepal autumnal Jun Chiyabari Organic

Meghalaya Lakyrsiew Autumnal

Pinglin Bao Zhong

We offer a vast selection of world-class quality white tea, green tea, black tea, wulong (oolong), Pu er and matcha, selected at source in the gardens of China, Japan, India, Taiwan by our team of tasters.