Build your own tea taster kit

Create and customize your own tea assortment including 6-10 teas, with our new À la carte Selection kit.


New! Organic Celebration Tea

An intense parade of spices transports us to the heart of the East.


Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? We have compiled a handy guide filled with original gift ideas for everyone.


New Kamada Cups

New tenmoku objects are now available, thanks to Mr Kamada. Stunning!


Fresh Arrival of Herbal Infusions

It's finally time for this year's fresh arrival of herbals! While Spring may be the main season for fresh teas, autumn is the best time to enjoy our locally grown herbal infusions at their best.


We offer a vast selection of world-class quality white tea, green tea, black tea, wulong (oolong), Pu er and matcha, selected at source in the gardens of China, Japan, India, Taiwan by our team of tasters.

New arrivals

Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T57

Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T52

Tenmoku cup from Kamada Kôji | T49

Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T56

Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T55

Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T51

Matcha Uji

Camellia Sinensis Calendar 2020

Assam Banaspaty Organic & Fairtrade

Gaiwan | Luyou

Gaiwan | Sha

Pu Er Shou 1998 Xia Guan

Celadon gaiwan from Mr Jin | Craqueled Celadon

Yunomi Cup | Origami

Cup from Julie Lavoie | Neige

Kabusecha Takamado

Kyusu from Murata | M13

Kyusu from Murata | M10

Kyusu from Murata | M12

Kyusu from Murata | M14