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This assortment for connoisseurs offers an exceptional journey through a selection of teas of classic origins.

A total of 9 teas from various families and styles, plus an herbal infusion from Quebec that we are offering at a reduced price*.

This assortment contains :

A combined total of 225g of tea and 20g of herbal infusion

*8$ discount on the regular price

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Purion Gong fu cha from Lin’s Ceramics | Prosperity

This purion gong fu cha comes from the famous Lin's Ceramics studio in Taiwan. This remarkable material, developed after 10 years of research, is specifically designed to enhance aged, wulong and black teas.

Grand cru

Pu Er Shou 2003 Orange Label

Created with the expertise of the great factories of the late 20th century, this Shou Pu er is identified with the tea character "cha" in orange print.

Zhi Lan Xiang 200 years Old Single Tea Tree | Collection Box

Cultivated on the foothills of the Phoenix (Feng Huang) mountain range in China's Guangdong province, following the ancestral knowledge of the Wulong Dan Cong culture, the leaves of this 200 year old tea tree transport us into an unparalleled taste experience. We are privileged to have access to Mr. Huang's accomplished work in the fascinating art of processing tea from a single tree.

Pu Er Sheng 1988 Menghai | Collection Box

Here is a rare gem, an exceptional lot of Pu Er sheng (raw) and a vintage worthy of the any collector. Traditionally aged in Hong Kong, these leaves are from a brick compressed over 30 years ago in the famous Menghai factory in Yunnan, China. A testament to importance of the Da Ye cultivar for ageing teas, which improves over time and, thanks to its tannic and mineral qualities, expresses the attention to detail that was devoted to each stage of processing. The tea has matured slowly into a product rich in complexity and generous in infusions, the signatures of great aged teas.