10 Teas for Concentration

September 7, 2023
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10 Back to School Teas

Tea is well known to be an elixir of many properties. Among many other benefits it helps to awaken the body and mind.  With a selection of stimulating effects, tea is a great ally to increase your energy and concentration.

  1. Balanced Caffeine: Tea contains caffeine, though generally less than coffee.  The caffeine in tea is also absorbed more gradually by the body, stimulating more gently for a longer period of time, unlike the sudden intensity of stimulation, and subsequent crash, of caffeine in coffee and other sources of caffeine.
  2. Improve your Concentration: Certain compounds present in tea, such as L-theanine, have positive effects on concentration and mental clarity.  L-theanine calms the spirit whilst improving vigilance, particulary useful during a long day of work or study. 
  3. Beneficial Antioxydants: Tea is rich in antioxidants that improve brain health.  They help to protect brain cells against oxidative stress and can in turn contribute to better long-term cognitive functions. 
  4. Stress Reduction: The simple act of stopping to drink tea is calming in itself. Tea also reduces stress and fills us with a feeling of well-being. 
  5. Better Hydratation: Adequate hydration is essential for optimal cognitive function.  Unlike many stimulating energy drinks tea is a healthy option for the hydration you need to keep your mind sharp.

Tea is a precious ally for stimulating your energy, concentration, and general well-being.  Combined with a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, stress management and regular exercise, you will be ready to face any academic challenge that comes your way with confidence. 

Here are 10 stimulating teas we suggest trying:

  • Matcha Uji: Matcha is by far the most stimulating and boldest flavour of all teas.  The Uji is particularly well-balanced. 
  • Matcha Sora: Ideal for Matcha Lattés.
  • Gyokuro Shizuoka organic: A well-balanced Japanese green tea with marine and chlorophyll notes.  
  • Long Jing Zhejiang: A classic green tea from China with notes of grilled hazelnuts, excellent for concentration.
  • Darjeeling First Flush Jungpana: Indian black tea, bright and energizing, a perfect start to the day.
  • Sencha Koshun organic: A Japanese green tea, smooth in texture with floral notes.
  • Wuyuan Zi Mei: A Chinese green tea with round herbaceous notes and a high caffeine content.
  • Tea Studio | Nilgiri Coonoor: A classic black tea from our Tea Studio project in the south of India.  
  • Kamairicha organic: Japanese green tea with subtle notes of sweet-corn, rich and smooth
  • Woojeon Jeju organic: From South Korea, this tea develops notes of fresh herbs with a lightly citrus finale.

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