A New Citrus Blend from the Mountains

January 4, 2024
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Agrumes des montagnes

Over the years our selection of Earl Grey teas has gradually expanded and, as all fans of Earl Grey will tell you, 'it’s all about the bergamot'.   With this in mind we thought to add a caffeine-free infusion, based in this aromatic citrus to our catalogue.

So, when we met a bergamot producer through a friend, we saw the opportunity to explore this.  Mr. Bemposta is from the North East of Portugal.  He has helped us to develop this blend of fruit and herbs, all artisanally grown by him on his farm in the mountains around Minho.  

The blend of bergamot, kumquat, limequat and chocolate mint is both comforting and refreshing.   The texture of the liquor is smooth while the aromatic profile is fresh and fruity. The combination of the leaves of bergamot and chocolate mint creates subtle notes of fennel and buckwheat, then the flavour finishes with a citrus burst that has notes of kefir lime.

Aside from having no caffeine this herbal-fruit blend is bursting with vitamin C, so rich antioxidants and digestive and immunity benefits.

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