An Eccentric Twist with a Unique Atmosphere.

March 3, 2016
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On our constant mission to democratise tea, while offering an unforgettable tasting experience, we are proud to announce the launch of an all new menu for our teahouses.  A blend of  innovation and new visuals with a twist of eccentricity. Please come in and enjoy the experience on your next visit to one of our our teahouses in Montreal or Quebec.

A modern take on an ancient art that retained the spirit of epicurean pleasure and exploration was the goal. We hoped to travel beyond the conventions of traditional tea service by proposing a range of non-conformist approaches that enable guests to redefine their own taste aesthetic.

Our exceptional catalogue of teas, carefully selected by our team in the tea gardens of Asia,  are now presented by method of preparation, in a choice of teaware from our collections and private imports. Some will prefer the simple comfort of a tea served in one of our sumptuous chawans, while more diligent enthusiasts can rediscover their favorite rituals with greater precision and intensity. This is an opportunity to think outside the box; to enjoy a Chinese tea in a beautiful Japanese Kyusu or to prepare one of our delicious herbal teas in Gaiwan, just two of the many options that we now offer.

While ‘bowl-tasting’ is a new addition to conventional techniques, the Montréal teahouse takes the experience a step further. With a wine carafe infusion into glass tumblers where the qualities of infusing in glass vessel is accompanied by a playful visual. Our table d’hôte then offers  a trio of seasonal tasting flights… it all adds up to a delightful sensorial experience.

So welcome to our warm and contemplative oasis.  Explore these new techniques in our unique, techno free tasting venues. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

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