Belle Humeur: Our Newest Tisane

March 20, 2019
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Tisanes: A Beverage on the Rise

It’s not long ago that herbal infusions were associated with Grandma’s night-time tonic. But beyond the traditional and very obvious camomile, these plants hold infinite array of taste, flavours, benefits and scents. In fact, the market is trending heavily in that direction; "44% of tea drinkers also drink natural herbal teas, which is a 17% increase compared to 2015". (La Presse, ATTC). We've noticed that our Camellia Sinensis clients, this trend has translated into a 90% bump in sales in the last 4 years.

Consumers are also putting more importance on the quality and origin all the food products they purchase, be it for coffee, tea or wine. So tisanes often called ‘botanicals’, are no exception. As the demand for local and premium products grows we constantly strive to evolve our catalogue creatively to bring to you new experiences. Thus our latest concoction: La Belle Humeur. We've developed this new blend in collaboration with the Herbalist La Maria located in St-Michel-de-Bellechasse.
How do we create these new blends?

The process is relatively straight forward. the project was to introduce a new tasting experience, with a product that was available year long. Our partners then met up with Jasmin and recommended a few plant options that would lend themselves to the very diverse and extreme Quebec climate. At that point, we went through a long tasting and blending process to create this very distinct herbal blend for our collection.

Visual, delicious and rich with properties

A very warm infusion, its floral and citrus notes are predominant. The finish is more nuanced with sweetness and a vegetal delivery. The silky texture and delicate taste is feels like a beautiful summer day.

La Belle Humeur is a blend of marjoram, lemon basil, raspberry, calendula and rose petal which makes it a valuable ally for both the digestive and nervous system. In fact, it named as such by Elodie, one of the Camellia team who trained as a professional naturopath, who was inspired by its benefits.

Discover this organic botanical treat for its beauty and its taste!

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