Camellia Sinensis + Geneviève Grandbois: a delicious and unique collaboration

November 3, 2016
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On November 3rd, Camellia Sinensis and Geneviève Grandbois will launch a one of a kind chocolate barmade out of 54% cocoa, green tea and grilled rice. Beyond the natural pairing of flavor between chocolate and tea, both rich in history and traditions, we, as companies, share a similar philosophy centered on respect. Some call us passionate; some see us as borderline crazy as we scour the four corners of the planet for leaves and beans of premium quality from a diversity of distant origins.

“This project came to life from the pleasure of collaborating with other companies. Doing a project with Genevieve Grandbois seemed very natural as we have been friends for quite a few years” says Jasmin Desharnais.

A few ideas were thrown around in 2015 and developed more this fall into three projects that we have now put into action.  Aside from the new chocolate bar, Genevieve Grandbois was a key contributor of the Pairings section in the second edition of our book Thé : Histoires, terroirs, saveurs (in French only). We have also been using their chocolates during all our Teas & Chocolates tasting workshops.

An exotic and authentic pairing

Creating such a symbiotic pairing isn’t accidental. It took a rigorous tasting process, combining many teas with just as many chocolates. The ultimate goal was to create a rich and unusual recipe; we landed on a blend of Genmaicha Sencha Matcha and milk chocolate (54% cocoa). “We were pleasantly surprised with the combination of light-tasting chocolate and grassy matcha tea, complemented with puffed rice”, explains Geneviève Grandbois. Matcha and grilled rice go hand in hand.

The final result is a chocolate experience that is as frank and bold as the collaboration that created it.

Buy it here.

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