David Goudreault's Favourites

February 29, 2024
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David Goudreault

David Goudreault, poet and storyteller, Laureat Quebecois and a social worker, is the author of 5 collections of poems and five books.  His show ‘Au bout de ta langue’, (On the Tip of My Tongue) won 4 Rideau Bursaries, he is currently touring with his second show ‘En marge du texte’ (In the Margin of the Text). Goudreault has held creation workshops for over ten years in Quebec, France, Tunisia and Japan.    He is the artistic-director of ‘La Grande nuit de la poésie de Saint-Venant’ for which he has also won a multitude of prizes.

David lives a healthy life without drugs or alcohol.  Tea naturally became an integral part of his daily life, not as a substitute but as a harmonious extension of his lifestyle.

  • Pu Er Sheng 1996 Menghai : David loves this loose leaf Pu er from the Menghai region.  The infusion of the large leaves fills the air with the fragrance of damp undergrowth and camphor. Its liquor is full and mineral, having a vegetal character (lichen) nuanced with accents of burnt wood and acid fruits. An instant connection to nature and self.
  • Pu Er Shou 2020 Jeju : The Korean gardens on Jeju Island offer an aged tea in Pu Er Shou style. This terroir, close to the sea and characterised by volcanic soil, encourages a micro-enzymatic fermentation that is distinct from that those using the same process in China.  The result is a dark, warm beverage that pleasantly fills the mouth with its cereal flavours. Sweet earthy notes then develop, followed by a slight sweet persistence.
  • Qi Lan Wuyi :  David associates this tea with writing.  A well-balanced Chinese Wulong is velvety and sweet (honey) with aromatic notes of roasted nuts (pecans) and spices, with generous fruity, woody and floral scents.
  • Gyokuro Shizuoka : The soft green liquor is sweet, full, and imbued with intense hints of green vegetable (spinach) and berries. A mellow and textured tea for traditional style enthusiasts.
  • Bai Mu Dan from the Tea Studio : The last of David’s favourite teas: The smooth and silky liquor of this tea gives frank aromas of herbs, fruits and flowers. Its zesty finish is most refreshing,
  • Tasse Hagi by Mr. Nakahara | Natsu : A magnificent piece, created with great humility, it has a trademark signature thumb print in the base and comes directly from Mr. Nakahara's workshop, a potter for over thirty years.

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