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May 27, 2018
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Herbal teas are more popular than ever for many reason - they're low in caffeine, they're locally sourced and above all, they're fresh. As we do we our teas, we go through a rigorous tasting process in order to find a variety of blends, aromas and harmonious flavours. Our blends stem from handpicked whole plants that are dried using traditional methods which allows them to preserve their natural oils as well as their benefits.



In infusion, its liquor, light and sweet, is strongly marked by the essential oil it carries (methyl salicylate) with its pronounced and characteristic taste, reminding of its use in muscle balms. In the finish, a delicate hint of sweetness is invigorated with a long sparkling sensation, similar to its pain relief and analgesic effects!

Labrador Tea

Composition : Buds, stems and small leaves of Labrador tea

From the peatland of Lake Saint-Jean, the downy leaves of this native plant of the Rhododendron genus disclose, in infusion, a lively and light liquor, supported by strong citrus and camphor aromas. Its vegetal character is reminiscent of lichen and cedar. Anti-inflammatory and decongestant, its essential oil is also calming.



As a matter of fact, did you know that more than a dozen of our herbal teas were created with plants found in our beautiful Quebec forests? These herbal teas blends have been concocted exclusively for Camellia Sinensis with plants originating from Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse. We even have an entire garden dedicated to our plants. This is extremely exciting for our 4 expert tasters as it allows them to apply with more frequency the same tasting process they do when they travel abroad to Asia. The best of both worlds!


Composition : Amaranth, agastache, calendula, lemon balm

A colourful flowery herbal tea blending orange (marigold), purple (agastache) and dark red (amaranth) with the delicious green of the leaves of lemon balm. The pinkish liquor is smooth and creamy evocative of myrrh or almond. Its powerful aniseed fragrance is tempered by a fine citrus zest.

La Réconfortante

Composition : Lemon verbena, calendula (marigold), yarrow, mallow, cornflower

The large green leaves of lemon verbena are escorted by a magnificent retinue of whole flowers, white, orange, blue and mauve. The golden liquor is bright and citrusy deploying deeply the intensity of its aromatic oils. Its dominant fruitiness is enhanced in its finish by herbaceous and floral accents.

La Rose Pourpre

Composition: raspberry leaves, purple basil, wild rose buds

Here is a delicate blend of raspberry, purple basil and wild rose buds. The stunning deep violet liquor is lively and has a pleasant suppleness relieved by a fine astringency that gives it body. The intensity of the aromatic oils of basil and rose blend with the vegetal character of raspberry. The long spicy finish (Peppermint) leaves a sense of lightness.

Tulsi d'hiver

This mixture was created especially for the cold season, distinguished by the spicy (pepper) and fruity (blueberry) character of the holy basil (also called tulsi). The rich calendula (marigold) enhances the liquor with a rich and velvety texture. Vegetable and saline nettle notes support harmoniously the ethereal softness and floral bouquet of the rose and oregano.

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