Employee profile - Manuel Legault Roy

March 21, 2017
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At Camellia Sinensis, the team behind the company is as, if not more, important than the quality of our teas and teaware. This month, we introduce you to Manuel Legault-Roy, who has worked with us for many years.

Manuel, tell us how you started with the company ...

By the end March, I will be celebrating 7 years with the company! Time enough that I have had the chance to wear several hats, including that of editor of the Tea Tasters Blog and assistant-manager at the tea salon.

What is your current role in the team?

Since last December, I have switched role to be in charge of the in-house staff training. Basically, my role is to ensure the smooth circulation of tea information through our entire team, so that everyone in the company can easily find their way through the rich and complex world of tea. To do this I have to make sure that my colleagues are constantly refining their knowledge using various resources (specialized training with our expert tasters on specific points, taking workshops in our Tea Schools, collection and distribution of tea articles, one on one trainings or small group meetings to respond to particular themes and/or issues ...).

Your favourite tea is ...

I don't think I am can pick a tea and call it my ultimate favourite, not for any period of time! I tend to appreciate tea, in major phases, by style. For instance, when I was first hired by Camellia Sinensis, I drank a lot of Chinese black tea, with a particular liking for Xiao Zhong and Zhenghe Hong Gong Fu. This phase ended about two years ago, to be replaced by a deep thirst for Japanese green teas, in which I have developed a special affection for Sencha Saitama and Kabusecha Saemidori.

What has been your most recent discovery?

I must admit that my discovery of the year for 2016 was a black tea from China. A rather special tea in fact, as though Chinese, this one was transformed with parameters usually reserved for the black teas of Darjeeling. The Jingning Bai Hong Cha 1st flush from Mr. He represents a curious hybrid whose flavours and aromas were unknown to me. After about 10 years of tasting, it is really fantastic to be able to be completely bowled over by a new tea. So in my book I give this honour to this exceptional experimentation by Mr. He.

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