Fabienne Synnott, Our local ceramicist | Shino’s song

November 11, 2016
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It’s been nearly two years since her first appearance at the Céramiste d’ici exhibition and it’s safe to speculate that Fabienne Synnott has been kept hand over fist in clay. Her craft has naturally evolved and grown, so much that last summer, she was awarded first prize in the Terre et The contest held by Camellia Sinensis for the tea bowl category. As such, we are very proud to present her work once again.

She mentioned that one of her fondest moments this fall was a “wonderful“  wood-oven firing lead by ceramicist Daniel Gingras. He apparently gave her the “best spot” in his oven and judging from the results, we certainly are happy that he decided to do so.

We were lucky enough to see some of her most recent gas-oven creations: sandstone as well as porcelain made from a type of clay she has recently adopted. With this Grolleg, one can “do wonders with glazes’’, she claims.

Like all true artists, Fabienne is constantly pushing the envelope.  She shared with us her most recent exploration: ash-based glazes. Truth be told, we cannot wait to see her take on that ancient technique – she promised a November sneak peak.

As her craft evolves, she continues to explore the shino style and keeps creating world class pieces: “In reduction firing, you can sometimes hear the shinos singing. I believe it’s because I’ve listened carefully. Ever since I was allowed into the shino realm twelve years ago, I’ve been learning continuously, piece after piece”.

Beyond creating tea accessories, Fabienne also crafts everyday objects that not only are pleasing to the eye but are quite useful in our daily lives. Come down and see what she’s been cooking!

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