Favourites of Élyse Marquis

October 19, 2023
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Élyse Marquis has been part of our televisual landscape for many years now.  Primarily an actress in various shows for younger audiences, marking a generation with her show 'Télé Pirate’.  For the last 10 years she has hosted the show ‘Les Chefs’, for which she won a Gémeaux Award.  A big fan of both herbal infusions and tea, she shares her favourites with us.  

  • Earl Grey Marie-Antoinette:  Élyse loves Earl Grey teas.  The aroma of bergamot reminds her of her childhood, as it was her mother’s favourite tea.  She will often order an Earl Grey in a restaurant, café or at a friend’s house, so she has tasted many.  The Marie-Antoinette Earl Grey is, by far, the best she has ever tasted. With jasmine, bergamot and rose….it transports her to a garden of paradise!
  • Sublime Chamomile:  Being naturally anxious, Élyse is always looking for new ways to calm her interior rhythm.  She regularly practices meditation and her tisane of choice is the Sublime Chamomile.  The chamomile harmonizes perfectly with the sweet perfume of wild rose.  This is a tisane that she will drink when she needs a break or a moment of peace to herself.  
  • Qi Lan Xiang: This is her tea for comfort.  She loves the blend of vegetal and sweetness and particularly enjoys the lightly tangy finish.  It is also a tea that makes an excellent iced tea.
  • Jasmin Pearls (Dragon Pearl): Right from the start, just watching the small pearls gradually open in water is wonderful.  She loves the floral aspect of this gentle tea.  This is her afternoon tea, to enjoy while she works or to offer to friends that visitor. The level of caffeine is also low making it good for any time of day.
  • Makiko Cup Abysse:  Élyse loves the Japanese art of Kintsugi ('golden joint' in Japanese).  This art form allows broken ceramic objects to be repaired, enhancing the fissures and cracks with silver or gold.  It is an ode to imperfection and fragility.  The Abysse cup from Makiko, though not broken, reminds her of this art form.  She loves the warm comforting shape, perfect for warming the hands, the heart and the soul while you drink.

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