Finding new Liu Bao - Spring Teas 2011 (China)

May 30, 2011
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Last part of our trip: the province of Guangxi, to meet a producer of Liu Bao, the famous style of aged tea that we have been gradually adding to our our menu. The discovery of this factory was a delight for me and François - cakes of aged teas of high quality, some more impressive than others, a century-old factory in a very remote place, ... heaven!
The quality of tea we tasted was very promising.
Although most of their tea cakes were still young - due to the old cakes being sold off during the craze for aged teas when the prices were skyrocketing.
In addition, the price of these cakes is very competitive compared to those found on the Pu er market today.
Known as 'black tea' here in China, they have all the great benefits that we drink Pu Er for.

Josiane Monette

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