First Flush Fever…

March 14, 2013
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Over the next few weeks the pressure for the Himalayan nectar will build.
Every day clients with wild and crazy eyes will be in our stores, clawing at the counter and asking 'Have they arrived yet?'
Some will say that 'other companies already have First Flush Darjeelings!' and this is true.

There are some invoices manufactured as early as the end of February, often heavily over-priced for the quality.
There are several ways to obtain such early Darjeelings.

One is using the 'low-grown' plants. Some gardens have sections that run down into the plains that flush before the rest of the region... these sections often lack a large part of the terroir qualities of the 'mid-grown' and 'high-grown' teas.

Unseasonal, artificial irrigation or even the use of chemicals may also be used to confuse the plants’ hormones into an early flushing mode.
These are not the teas we are waiting for.

As with many other pleasures of life quicker is not always better.
So when the plants are good and ready we will be there, nice and thirsty, to appreciate the best of this year’s harvest.

So far the Spring 2013 weather looks good, still a little on the dry side as we saw last year but with serious potential for some heavenly leaf.

I will send something worth waiting for as soon as I possibly can....promise!


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