France Turcotte: Happiness is in the teapot

August 1, 2013
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France Turcotte has practised the craft of pottery for over 35 years. Throughout these years she has explored many avenues offered by ceramics: raku firing, smoke firing, porcelain, turning small batches. One of these paths is of particular interest: the creation of teapots. For a potter, the design of a teapot represents a great technical  and aesthetic challenge both through the search for balance in the integration of  various parts and the search for harmony between form, function, decoration and glaze. She turns her teapots on the wheel with a white clay which she fires in an electric oven at 1200 ° C.

France Turcotte divides her time between her studio and the Sainte-Foy Ceramic Centre, of which she is the director. Never in her career, has she ceased to be filled with a passion for ceramics and every day she rejoices at how lucky she is to practice this craft.

She won the 2010 prize for  "Teapot and tea bowl sets" in the "Clay and tea, Quebec teaware contest"  at Camellia Sinensis tea house.


Meet the Quebec artisans who are passionate about the objets and art of tea. Every two months, pieces by a different designer will be presented in this unique showcase, giving you the chance to enjoy the great quality and diversity of the work of some of our local potters.

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