How to prepare sparkling tea

June 2, 2018
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Sometimes, our team likes to think that they're scientists and try to test test certain mixes while at the office. While times they can be successful, other times.... a little less;)

Jean-François and François-Napoléon, manager and assistant manager of our Émery store, were curious about creating sparkling teas. They chose to infuse tea in Eska sparkling water, at room temperature, for an hour with a dosage of one teaspoon per cup of 250ml. A spectacular tasting experience for thrill seekers, as mineral water enhances the flavours by adding a salty side!

Here are the sparkling teas they created, and their thoughts:

  • Feng Huang Hong Cha: with its dominant woody and strong fruity and exotic accents, it was a real revelation!
  • Organic Bai Hao Jingmai: Surprising, with its hint of clove - worthy of a chai.
  • Gyokuro Okabe: amplified by minerals, it evokes the saline and vegetal power of algae and oysters!

Do you dare to try?


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