How to Prepare Yerba Mate (Curar el Mate)

August 18, 2019
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Prepare Yerba Mate

This traditional process prepares the natural dried gourd as a vessel for drinking yerba. It is said to impregnate the mate with the ‘spirit of the yerba’. Over time the interior surfaces of your mate will continue to cure and develop a natural dark patina.

1. Fill the mate with damp yerba leaves.

2. Add a splash of hot water

3. Leave the mate for 24 hours then empty the leaves and rinse well.

4. Scrape the interior surfaces with a spoon until smooth and rinse well.

Your mate is ready for use.

To prevent the development of natural mold in your mate, at the end of the day rinse your mate well with warm water (no soap, please!) and dry it out well with a paper towel. Put another dry paper towel inside the gourd and let it dry completely overnight.

If a slight mold does develop don’t worry. This will not harm you in any way nor will it make your gourd unuseable. It can be removed by rinsing the gourd with a little lemon juice, then plain water and left to sit in the sun for a few hours until completely dry. The yerba leaves may also leave a natural green tint inside the gourd, which is not harmful either.

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