Hugo's Favourites

August 25, 2022
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Hugo Américi

Hugo is the founder of Camellia Sinensis and has been a tea enthusiast for over 25 years. Since his first trip to Asia in 2003, he’s come to specialize in Japanese and Taiwanese teas, carefully selecting them each visit. However, this doesn’t prevent him from appreciating teas from other regions. Here’s a choice list:

  • Anji Bai Cha: For its finesse and refined taste, this green tea from China has become a favourite over the years.
  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush Sungma: A lover of 1st flush Darjeelings, Hugo  enjoys 2nd flush teas even more as they combine floral and woody flavours beautifully.
  • Organic Kamairicha: The Issinen Family, producer of this Japanese green tea, delivers an exceptional product year after year. Kamairicha is an energizing and well-balanced tea.
  • Dong Ding Nen Yu: Only one tea to bring to an island? Hands down, it would be Dong Ding from Mr. Nen Yu, a cherished producer he met on his first trip. This Taiwanese Wulong is comforting and offers a unique aromatic bouquet. Hugo always has 100g in reserve.
  • Gaiwan Ye Wan: The ideal accessory to enhance your tasting experience and help you really appreciate teas. Inexpensive, you can use it to brew white, green (Chinese), Wulong and Pu er teas as well.

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