Hugo's top 3 for 2016. Discover his favourites.

October 5, 2016
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Since 2003 Hugo leaves each May to visit the producers of Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. He will select many of the Wulong and Green Teas in our catalogue. Hugo knows the country roads of Taiwan like the back of his hand and given the choice would eat cooked cabbage for every meal, every day. Here are his picks for Spring 2016:

1. Lishan

Somewhere, deep in the beautiful country of Taiwan, in gardens reaching 2600 meters in altitude (the highest known to man) is where Hugo has met the Lee family. As hard as it was to find them (Hugo found them during his 5th trip), it pales in comparison to the hard labour required from the Lee family to produce these fine wulong.

2. Sun Moon Lake

Everyone has a soft spot for someone. Hugo’s trip wouldn’t have been the same without meeting Mrs. Lin, a dedicated woman who loves nothing more but to produce exceptional black tea. As a matter of fact, we’re thinking you may end up having a soft spot for her Mi Xiang Hong Cha.

3. Alishan

You may think Alishan is only on Hugo’s top 3 for this year but by talking to him, we get the feeling it’s part of his top picks of the decade! We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with M.Chen for over 12 years and this 2016 is no different: simply excellent teas, year in and year out.

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