Hugo's Top 3 for 2017: Discover his favourites.

August 7, 2017
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Since 2003 Hugo leaves each May to visit the producers of Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. He will select many of the Wulong and Green Teas in our catalogue. Hugo knows the country roads of Taiwan like the back of his hand and given the choice would eat cooked cabbage for every meal, every day. Here are his picks for Spring 2017:

Sencha Sayamakaori

Every year, as I taste my way through over 200 types of Sencha I am always hoping to find a few hidden gem! This year, the first one that revealed itself was in a selection Sencha Sakamoto (sorry, we ran out quickly, there was only 10kg!) But the second one came from a collection of Sencha Sayamakaori. Its name originates from the Sayamakaori cultivar, in Japan. It is produced in Shizyoka by Mr. Hiroshi Kawase and is a Chumushi style Sencha despite having a leaning towards Fukamushi. It is a dark-colored tea, rich and full-bodied with a floral finish ...

Sencha Koshun
At the end of the transformation process, the Japanese often give their teas a finish which they refer to as "Hiire”.   But this tea, the Koshun, (again after the cultivar) is not finished with a firing.  Its pure clean flavour offers rich spring flower notes and can quench the thirstiest of palates!

Dong Ding Mrs Lin (charcoal roast)
When it comes to Taiwanese teas, Dong Ding is a sure bet and this time, Mrs Lin has outdone herself with this charcoal finish. Roasted at the end of the process is common with Taiwanese wulong teas. Usually using an electric oven,  However Mrs Lin opts the old fashioned method of charcoal. The roasting gives them a comforting woody finish. This type of tea is perfect for the colder days of the fall, but Hugo recommends it for any rainy day...accompanied by a little something sweet.

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