Jasmin's Favourites

July 27, 2023
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Jasmin Desharnais at the Tea Studio in India

Jasmin Desharnais is one of the tasters here at Camellia Sinensis. He is responsible for human resources and operations for the company.  As a taster he specializes in the teas of China and has spent every spring there since 2003.   Naturally he loves tea and has particular affection for Pu er.  Below are some of his favourites.

  • Long Jing Jingning Bai: For its finesse, unique character and complex aromatics. Jasmin first met Mr. He back in 2003, he rapidly became one of his favourite producers.  He was lucky to be with Mr. He when he first created this tea.  
  • Thaï Pu Er 2007 Do Wawee: A generous and rich Pu Er to enjoy now or store to age.  According to Jasmin one of the best value for money teas among our aged teas.
  • Da Hong Pao Mr. Wu: For its depth and fruity persistence as well as the exceptional focus and attention to detail of the producer Mr. Wu.
  • Darjeeling Singell First Flush: One of his daily favourites, every morning for breakfast, for its vitality and balance. It pleases him to know that the plants from the Heritage section that are used for this tea are over 150years old.
  • Celadon Gaiwan from Mr. Jin | Sage: Every day for over 20 years, Jasmin drinks tea from a Gaiwan for the pure pleasure of smelling the leaves and focussing on the aromatics of the tea. This one in celadon from M. Jin is certainly one of his favourites for both aesthetics and the ergonomics.

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