July 14, 2017
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China specialist, Jasmin has covered six of China’s producing regions since 2003, tasting and selecting teas of every style. Here are his picks for Spring 2017:

Du Yun Hong Cha

A great surprise awaited me as I arrived in Du Yun in the Guizhou province this year, as I tasted the first black tea made by M Li, who normally only makes green tea (Du Yun Mao Jian). I was immediately charmed by the beautiful leaves, fruity aroma and its beautiful sweetness. A great success for his first black tea production not to mention its unbeatable price. I have no doubt that this tea will find its way into our Tea and Scotch tastings, paired with a Speyside or a scotch aged in sherry casks.

Anji Bai Cha

Despite the small harvest in Anji the quality is really exceptional this year. Over time and repeated visits to Anji I now have access to some rare batches of this grand cru. Quite the comeback for this 'modern classic' Chinese green tea!  The explosion of concentrated aromas makes this tea one of the highlights of this year’s Chinese green teas of the selection. To be enjoyed in a gaiwan or with a small quantity of water.

Pu Bu Long Zhu

This Zhejiang green tea is handmade by M Wang who also owns a company that manufactures machines to process green tea. These tightly wrapped leaves give off fragrant aromas and a texture similar to certain Japanese green teas. A perfect everyday tea with great depth.

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