Julie Lavoie: Portrait of a local potter!

January 31, 2013
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Julie Lavoie's passion for the world of ceramics began in 2005, while studying at the Centre de Céramique Bonsecours in Montreal. There she developed a keen interest in porcelain and firing at high heat.
A few years later, she undertook a six-month trip to Japan in order to learn more about the types of wood ovens and firing techniques used there. This trip allowed her to appreciate teaware in much greater depth. She also discovered that ceramic teaware, the work of the artisan, is ubiquitous in Japanese society and she left permeated by their approach to the material and its transformation. It is in this spirit that she has developed a series of teaware designed for tea tasting.

The forest is, for her, a a source of infinite inspiration: trees and their special presence, also the sky - on which day and night are portrayed, and the water courses in which they reflect. The desire to get closer to nature has recently involved leaving Montreal to install her studio in a small village in the region of Estrie.
The works she offers are fired at high temperature in a gas oven. She uses specific glazes, the fruits of long research, which allow her to create a unique and personal world. As a base, she prefers porcelain for its delicacy, strength and whiteness, qualities that offer the glaze a base to present their story.

About her work, Julie explains: "A bowl that molds to the palm of your hand and fits perfectly to the lips to deliver its promise of flavor. That is the whole simple poetry of a ceramic piece. The items of tableware and teaware are the ones that I love the most, because their presence nourishes our lives.'

Julie's work will be presented during the months of February and March in our shops in the Nouvo St-Roch in Quebec and Montreal's Latin Quarter. You can also purchase them directly on our website. Tea enthusiasts will find these unique pieces, made with passion right here in Quebec simply irresistible.

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