Learning About Tea: Our Favourite Books

September 9, 2018
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Over the years, our research has not only pushed us to read a lot about the tea industry, but also write a lot about it. Here are some recommendations if you'd like to learn more about the fascinating world of tea:

Green Tea: A Quest for Fresh Leaf and Timeless Craft

Travel with us through encounters with the artisans and other highlights of Asia's green tea cultures, a new study on tea and health and page after page of beautiful photos and illustrations. Winner of World’s Best Tea Book for 2012 in the Gourmet Awards, Paris.

Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties

This prize-winning book, now published in four languages, takes us through the various terroirs of China, Taiwan, India, Japan and many other important producing countries. Explore the diverse cultures and rituals, learn to cook with tea with some great Chefs and discover the many properties of tea through new, extensive scientific research on antioxidants and caffeine. World's Best Tea Book 2014 World Tea Awards, Las Vegas. Canadian Culinary Awards 2010.

Tea Journey Magazine

Co-founded by our own Kevin Gascoyne, tea taster and owner here at Camellia Sinensis, Tea Journey Magazine is packed with well researched articles on every aspect of tea culture. With a focus on origin specific teas, much of the material is translated from Asian tea-writers translated into English for the very first time.

The Classic of Tea (Lu Yu)

Written in 7th century by the first tea master, Lu Yu, this really is 'the classic' with many illustrations and drawings of how tea was originally prepared with over 25 instruments!

Art of Tea

For fans of aged teas, this book delves deep in to the world of Pu Ers as well and offers great information on ceramics and other styles of tea.

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