Lin Jianhong: Portrait of a potter

June 8, 2012
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At first, when talking about Taiwan, a tea enthusiast will inevitably think of the unequalled richness of its wulong. Indeed, over time, Taiwan has developed a widely recognized speciality in the manufacture of semi-oxidized teas with explosive floral aromas, which are the pinnacle of high mountain teas.

However in the background of this exceptional process, hides another equally deserving of attention. Once the tea is harvested and processed, it is still necessary to have the equipment to be able to taste it. Well, suffice it to say, Taiwan also has master artisans making these artifacts of everyday life. I would like to turn your attention to a potter that Hugo and Sabrina had a chance to meet this year during their Spring tour of the tea gardens. This young artisan is called Lin Jianhong, a talented ceramist whose potential was well balanced with his humility. Having pursued a mechanical engineering training, he soon abandoned machinery to focus attention on clay and creating by hand. Lin Jianhong first went to Japan to seek guidance from teachers who enabled him discover the wonders concealed in the depths of this malleable medium and taught him how to breathe a unique soul into each creation. His cups and jars, all made by hand, seem to be inspired by the Chinese technique of celadon, having in common with it the blue-green color, the velvety texture and the safe feeling of weight in the palm of the hand.

Come and experience the charm of these pieces - as inspirational to the touch as to the eye.

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