Lord Sinensis | Wulong Ale

November 9, 2023
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Lord Sinensis | Wulong Ale

Throughout its 25-year history, the Camellia Sinensis team has often formed partnerships with other companies from the world of food and gastronomy. Some of these partnerships are more unusual than others, creating an unlikely connection between two worlds that at first glance seem to have nothing in common. Who could have imagined a tea beer until recently?

A few years ago, the Dunham Brewery created a beer with our Earl Grey, the Leo's Early Breakfast, an IPA with hints of bergamot. When we approached them to work on a beer using a natural tea to mark our 25th anniversary, Éloi Deit, master brewer, and Simon Bossé, marketing director, immediately accepted the challenge.

It took two, in-depth tastings and a few hours of work to find the perfect combination we were looking for: an English-style ale enhanced with a Chinese roasted wulong, the Mi Lan Xiang Feng Xi. The result is a surprising balance of earthy and fruity notes, with a roasted hazelnut finish.

This limited-edition beer is available from selected retailers. Camellia Sinensis does not have a licence to resell it, but you can consult the map below to pick some up and enjoy this fascinating taste experience.

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