Marie-Michèle's Favourites

January 26, 2023
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Marie-Michèle PLamondon

Marie-Michèle has been part of the Camellia Sinensis for over 3 years, and is known as the manager Jean-Talon Market store. For her, tea represents getting together and sharing.  It is through sharing tea with her colleagues that she has deepened her tea knowledge.  Here are her current favourites.  

  • Darjeeling 1st Flush Namring : Darjeeling’s First Flush teas have a special place in her heart with their floral and herbal flavours. The Namring stands out for her with its beautiful buds and full floral/fruity character.
  • Sun Moon Lake : Its full-bodies attack develops into smooth aromas of wintergreen, malt and tobacco. Lightly menthol and generously fruity with notes of prune and raisin, its liquor is round, full and silky.
  • Bai Rui Xiang : Dark twisted leaves are slightly roasted, preserving its flavourful vegetal, citrus and floral fineness. Its full and tangy liquor, deploys rich tropical fruit and honeyed aromas.
  • Pu Er Sheng 2002 Yunnan Automne : As with many aged teas we travel through cereal, earthy and mineral notes.  Marie-Michèle finds this tea particularly relaxing and perfect for falling into contemplation. 
  • Gong Fu Cha Purion Lin's Ceramic's | Prosperity: From a very specific blend of clay and minerals, this teapot is ideal for enhance the flavour profiles of certain black, wulong and Pu er teas.   It is definitely an object she finds beautiful and reserves as one of her favourites.

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