Olivier's Favourites

January 25, 2024
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Olivier Charbonneau

Olivier, who has been a loyal member of our team for over 10 years, reveals his current favourites among our vast selection of teas.  Managing the reception and organization of stock, he is often the first to get is hands on fresh arrivals.  His passion for tea is reflected in the finesse of his selection.

  • Bai Hao: Olivier is enchanted by the delicious complexity of Bai Hao.  He finds it fascinating that the part of the leaves, once bitten by insects, develop notes of spices, muscatel and honey.  This tea, both invigorating and comforting, embodies the subtle art of the natural world.
  • Pu Er 2003 Orange Label: The woodsy and ‘wet rock’ mineral notes of the Pu er 2003 Orange Label transport him to the rains of summer.  A tea that is very generous for multiple infusions.
  • Wuyuan Zi Mei: To begin his days with energy and concentration Olivier turns to the Wuyuan Zi Mei.  Bright and tonic, this morning tea is his ideal companion to face the challenges of the day. 
  • Rou Gui Hui Yuan Ken: As a real treat, he has no hesitation going for the Rou Gui Hui Yuan Ken.  The exquisite notes of fruits and flowers, bring alive images of their origins, offering a complex experience that is perfect for sharing with a few good friends.
  • Tasse Hagi Fuyu de Nakahara: As an apprentice potter, Olivier is captivated by the work of Mr.Nakahara, particularly his Hagi Fuyu cup.  Unique with its network of fissures in the glaze that will be enhanced with time and use, a piece of great and evolving beauty.

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