On the Road in Darjeeling

May 2, 2014
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Darjeeling's gardens are scattered like pearls through the high altitude valleys of the Indian Himalayas, clinging to the steep valley sides and at high altitude sometimes over 2000m ASL.

It takes the tea ‘hunter’ a fair amount of drive, guts and perseverance to visit these places. The roads are long and often difficult.  You may wonder why go to so much trouble when we could buy teas from the auctions and agents in Kolkata. But by visiting the gardens, Kevin also meets the producers and managers, strengthening his bonds with the people and developing his understanding of the intricacies of the product. He is able to snap up a few prize batches of leaf before they head off to the market.  For a passionate taster-importer, on a constant quest to source the World’s best leaves, there is no other way ...



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