Our favourite teas, served ice cold

May 30, 2020
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iced tea camellia sinensis

Summer is getting nearer and our freezers are ready with fresh ice, be it at home, in cafés or even restaurants. To beat the heat, there's nothing quite like iced teas and here are some great ideas to make your summer just a bit cooler:

Our 'must try' line of iced teas: three aromatized blends that are both tasty and refreshing. You can get them in bulk or in convenient pre measured 20g teabags (for 2L servings) with easy to follow instructions on the label. You can even get them on the go at our boutique if you're up for a bubbly version!


As much as Japan is known for their rich tea cultures and traditions they have also mastered the art of bottling tea. In fact a large part of the tea consumed in Japan comes directly from vending machines, be it green tea, wulong or jasmin teas.

To infuse these teas at home use: 15g per liter (of cold water). Infuse for 6-12h with optional sugar (to taste).

Our suggestions :

  • Green tea – Organic Kukicha (vegetal, sweet and fruity), Organic Gyokuro Shizuoka (intense chlorophyll flavour, gentle and marine).
  • Wulong – Shui Xian Lao Cong (Hazelnut, sweet grilled), Si Ji Chun (floral and buttery)
  • Jasmin tea – Perles du Dragon (floral and refreshing)

iced tea camellia sinensis


If you're in a hurry, infuse your tea with hot water as you normally would and simply cool it off. How? Ice cubes are handy for this so make your infusion a little more concentrated so water from the melted ice balances out. If this hot infusion method makes your brew a little bitter, add a small amount of sugar.

Suggested recipe: 2.5 g of tea in a 250ml cup of hot water, infuse 5 minutes and pour into a tall glass with ice and add sugar as needed.

Our suggestions :

  • Black tea – Sikkim Temi organic 1st flush. Very thirst quenching with hints of wildflower and bark. Add honey or sugar!
  • PuEr teas – 2006 Bulang Shan (shou). A tasty surprise if you'd like to try something different. Hints of dry earth and cocoa bark.
  • Matcha latté – Prepare the matcha as you normally poured in a cold glass. You can also do this with a cocktail shaker.

Summer is served!

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